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Honda CBF 125R

A powerful off road bike

Honda CBF 125R


2017 Honda CBF125R 125cc

The best road bike for Vietnam

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The Honda CBF 125R is the perfect road bike for travelling Vietnam. It is reliable and have easily enough power to take 1 or 2 people through the country.

The Honda CB bikes are the best selling bikes in the UK. The comfortable ride and a high cruising speed it is ideally suited to Vietnamese roads. While it doesn’t offer the off road capabilities of the Honda XR it is great for the highway and main roads between HCM and Hanoi and is available at a cheaper price.

The price shown below is for a month rent but you can see the daily and longer rental price on the right side.

The CBFs come with a rack suitable for 1 bag and a strong phone holder for navigation as well as a map, a D-Lock and bungee cords. They can be fitted with a side rack making them suitable for 2 people and 2 bags.

Rental Warranty

As with all of our rental bikes we warranty the mechanics of the bike in case of any breakdowns on the road.

The Honda CBF 125R is only recommended for experienced riders and isn’t rented for beginners as it is more difficult to ride compared to the Win and has more power which would be harder to control. But if this is the bike that you want then we can take you for a lesson before to make sure that you are capable of driving the bike.

When renting the Honda CBF 125R it needs to be understood that while these bikes are from 2017 so in good condition but spare parts are more difficult to come by and need to be shipped in if there is a problem which can be a issue if you are in the countryside.

Please contact us for any more information or full details of the warranty.

Reserving a Bike

To reserve a bike please contact us directly via Facebook or email. We are able to reserve a bike with a payment of 25% of the rental fee.

We are able to do this via Paypal or if you are already in Vietnam then we are able to take a card or cash payment.

Rental Prices

Per Day – $15
1 month – $300
2 month – $450
3 month – $525


Passport or $1,000

Technical Details

Gears – 5
Fuel Tank – 13 litres
Transmission – Manual
No. of Riders – 1 or 2
No. of Bags – 1 or 2

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