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Below you can see the different options we have for our helmets.

3/4 helmets

agv 3/4 motorbike helmet with visorThese helmets offer the best visibility and as they are more open compared to the other helmet types they are also cooler when riding in Vietnam.

Full Face Helmets

ibk full face motorbike helmet with sun visor vietnamThese helmets are the most common helmet we sell and the most common helmet you will see among bikers in the rest of the world. The simple reason for this is that the helmets offer the best protection and are generally cheaper and lighter compared to the modular helmets below.

Dirt Bike / Motocross Helmets

yohe dual sport motocross dirt bike certified dot approved helmetThe main benefit of these helmets is that most of them have no visor so increased air flow which means you will be cooler when riding. If you don’t have a visor then goggles can be used instead to protection your eyes. They is usually more air vents in this style of helmets to further increase the air flow and reduce the temperature while still offer full protection to the rider.


Modular Helmets


ibk modular motorbike helmet with sun visor vietnamModular helmets can open thus offer the greater protection like the full face helmets when you have it closed. But when you are in the city and have the helmet open then you will have increase visibility like the 3/4 helmets. The only downside to these helmets are that they are heavier and more expensive for the same quality helmet.

HJC Helmets

You will find the best helmets for your adventure around Vietnam in Style MotorbikesHJC are the best helmets that we sell. They are a known international helmet brand that produce good quality helmets. If you are looking for the best helmets available then this is the range to be looking at. Many of the helmets have the European and American certification.

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